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Keep calm and go to study in Glasgow—Record of the 2017 Summer School in the University of Strathclyde
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As a famous saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. With the target of study tour, 12 students including freshmen and sophomore from the school of astronautics and the school of aeronautics, led by the head teacher, Zhai When, set forth on a journey to Glasgow, Scotland, the Great Britain on 1stJuly, 2017. Their rising passion is as hot as the rising temperature in Xi’an.

They were going to take part in the Summer School held by the Mechanical& Aerospace engineering school of the University of Strathclyde, which started from 2nd July to 14thJuly. Another two school, including Beijing University Of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and ICAS Manipal.

During the two weeks of Summer School, the students experienced the advanced laboratories; each team, under the guidance of instructors, completed several experiments; they produced and released the model aircraft, assembled model car which used home-made components, and then carried on a race game; they learned the basic principle of Solidworks, and used it to design their own stylish Fidget Spinner, and used 3D printer to build it. In the course of the process, the students’ ability of do the work has been improved greatly, and the utility of English had also been improved a lot by communicating with teachers and volunteers.

On Friday, under the leadership of the staffs, they visited the Ross Priory, which belonged to the university. They lost themselves in the beauty of Loch Lomond, and fell in love in the peaceful Scottish courtyard lifestyle. After school time, they gave full play to their talent, used the kitchen to make delicious food, which not only solved the food problem, filled their belly with pleasant, and they also experienced the fun of cook.

At last, in the rating of the Fidget Spinner, the model aircraft flight test and the model car racing competition, the students also achieved good results. For example, the model aircraft made with our student’s participation, had a outstand performance during the flight test and gained “the longest time of flight” and the “the most stable flight” awards. Our team also took the crown in the car racing competition, and most incredible, believe it or not, ‘Most impressive crash’. Another team including our student won the ‘Best Fidget Spinner’ award.

During the two-week Summer School, the students gained a lot, and made a profound friendship with classmates from other school, the teachers and volunteers. During the closing ceremony, everyone took many photos and left behind lots of beautiful moment.

With the deepening of international cooperation in the school, there will be more opportunities for students to go abroad, participate in international exchange projects, expand their horizons. At the same time, to promote our school to enhance our international influence, and attract more foreign students to study in NPU. This is not only the needs of school to speed up the pace of international education, but also to promote the cultivation of comprehensive internationalized talents, which can lay a more solid foundation of the construction of ‘first-class universities ’ and ‘first-class disciplines’.